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German is official language of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Alsace-Lorraine (France), Northern Italy, East- Belgium, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. There are 120 million people speak German Language all around the world. German language is 3rd most learned language in the world. It is most similar with English Language. It is also widely used in invention and research.

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, abbreviated as CEFR, is a guideline used to describe achievements of learners of foreign languages across Europe. It was put together by the Council of Europe with the main aim to provide a method of leaving singing and teaching which applies to all languages in Europe. In November 2001 a European Union Council Resolution recommended using the CEFR to set up systems of validation of language ability. There are six level of German language which are A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 C2.

GERMAN Exam Structure

Useful Information

Exam Validity: The Score is Valid for 2 Year.
Exam Fees: A1: 7000 INR, A2: 7000 INR, B1: 11500 INR
Registration : By Online through Edworld
Exam Center: Offline
Duration: 65 Minutes
Score: Total Score is out of 100
Official website: www.goethe.de


  • Experienced Faculty
  • Flexible Batches
  • Small size batch
  • Exclusive Material
  • Unlimited Practice test
  • Library Facilities
  • Audio Visual Practice
  • Test tips from Expert

Books and Materials

Exclusive material as well as proper training is important to get excellent percentage in German Language Examination. We offers Studio D to our student as original material for practising the German Language. Besides we, our student can access our library with reference materials book like Netzwerk, Theman Aktuell, Lagune, Tangran Aktuell, Planet and many more.

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